Proxym for Banks

Your Single Point of Engagement

Single point of engagement

The value of our products combined with the delivery excellence of Proxym.

Omnichannel Retail Banking

Fast 100% Digital Onboarding​
Personalize Customer Experience through Segmentation​
Give your customers the ability to analyse & manage their budget
Delight your customers
Empower your bank agents

Bankerise® Retail Banking

Digital Corporate Banking

Company Onboarding
Dashborads & Finance Management
Muti-User Approval
Batch & Bulk Transfer
Corporate Settings

Bankerise® Corporate Banking

Mobile / Digital Wallet

Simlple & Fast onboarding
Merchant / InStore Payment
Utilities Payment
Wallet to Wallet Transfer / Bank Account to Wallet
CashIn & CashOut

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Digital Consumer Finance

Immediate approval (reduction from days to a few minutes).
Increased conversion rate.
Significant reduction in operating costs.
Improved risk management (scoring quality, fraud prevention, etc.).
Up-selling made easier thanks to your customer data.

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PSD2 & GDPR Compliance

Bankerise ® leverages data for better customers knowledge and implementing smart current & future business cases while our innovative adaptable GDPR implementation puts customers and banks on the safe side as far as privacy is concerned. ​

Open Banking

Open Banking challenges
API Management
Identity Managemet
Consent Management
Data & Security

The Digital Engagement Platform

Be Empowered for your Digital Ambitions

Build on your own Digital Touchpoints
Accelerate the Design& Implementation of Digital User Journeys
Manage & Monitor Omnichannel Customer requests
Customize Features per segments and Channels

Accelerate your Digital Time-to-Market

Modular Architecture Single Point of Engagement with proven Proxym Excellence Delivery
PSD2 & API Ready for Open Banking

Proven A-La-Carte Security Across all channels

One-time Password (OTP)
N-factor Authentication
Multi-channel Security Fingerprints, FaceID & Soft Token Authentication
Audit Trail
Device Management

Provide Stunning Customer Experience

Simple & Fast Digital Onboarding
Data for personalized Banking experience with GDPR adherence
Predict customer expectations with Artificial Intelligence

Data Intelligence Platform

AI Capabilities for Banks

Dynamic Segmentation : Automatically create new segments based on customer interactions

Campaign / offer Predictive Analytics : Predict campaign results before launch Customer

Next Best Offer : Accurately predict customer next products preferences

Churn Predictive Analytics : Predict existing customers who are likely to quit soon

LowCode Digital Journeys Builder


BPM Designer : Build Adaptable, Multi-Actors& Monitored End-to-End Digital Journeys

Form Builder : Build a cross-channel Customers Interaction Points in complete autonomy

Business Rules Configurator : Increase reactivity to changes and enable per-channel customization

Proven Security : Configure Multi-Factor Authentication without need to redeploy

Digital Consumer Finance

The right solution reaches the right customer

  • Set Up Your Loan Products and Origination Workflow
  • Collaborate in Real-Time During the Origination Process
  • Develop a 360-degree view of your customer
  • Workflow automation & Powerful integration

Digital Custom Services

Dedicated Agile Team

  • A multidisciplinary team​
  • A flexible resources availability according to your needs
  • Monitoring of project KPIs and optimized governance

Advantages :

  1. Increase your producAtion / delivery capacity and gain in efficiency​
  2. Accelerate the delivery of your projects and reduce your Time-to-Market​
  3. Keep control and mastery over the progress of your projects (governance, management)​
  4. Control your costs and priorities

Why Work With Us?

Trusted by some of the most known Banks in the MENA region

Proxym has successfully completed more than 400 digital projects and more than 150 connectivity and information system (IS) projects, mainly in the financial sector.​

With its experience in the delivery of digital projects for banks and insurance companies, has been able to build over time its own dedicated Digital eXperience Platform for banks and insurance companies allowing the implementation of easy and very efficient digital user experiences with high added value.​